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Computer Labs and Locations

PC Finder

Find an available lab computer on our campuses

PC Finder

The campus has numerous well equipped and up-to-date computer labs. There are also a number of specialist computer labs supporting multimedia, collaboration technologies and computer networking.

The general use computer labs are set up to cater for face to face teaching and typically contain between 16 and 30 computers.


General use labs are located on the first two levels of block A2 and in the Library.

CHEC Computer Labs Location

CHEC Computer Labs

General Purpose Labs

  • A.G.6
  • A.G.7
  • A.G.8
  • A.G.10
  • A.1.6
  • A.1.10
  • A.1.12
  • A.1.14
  • A.1.24
  • Library E.1.8
  • Library E.1.15
  • Library Level 2

Specialist Labs

  • A.1.5
  • A.1.13/16
  • B.G.9
  • G.G.11
  • I.G.13
  • S.G.6
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