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Student Account and Email Information

Student Email

TAFE and Senior College

Access your email at

Southern Cross University

Access your email at

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your password please visit or contact the Service Desk with your student ID.

Computer Lab Accounts

  • TAFE Students - Your CHEC computer login account will be created within 48 hours after you have enrolled and paid for your course.
  • CHSC Students - Your CHEC computer login account will be created at the start of each year and distributed to you by your teacher.
  • SCU Students - Your computer login account is created when you accept your offer and enrol. Please see the following on the Technology Services Website for more information.

All TAFE and Senior College accounts are deleted at the end of the year then recreated early new year.

Please contact the Service Desk for all account information enquiries.

CHEC U: Drives

When you work in the CHEC Computer Labs you are unable to save your work to the hard drive of the machine you are working on. Instead save your work to what is known as the U: drive. Your U: drive is hard drive space on the network that has been set aside for each student. Your U: drive is accessible from any computer in the computers labs, library or Student Learning Centre at CHEC and can only be seen by you.

It is highly recommended not to save files to the computer "Desktop" as there is high risk of losing this data and it slows down the login process.

To access your U: Drive double click on "This PC" on the Desktop

Storage Space

  • SCU - 1GB
  • CHSC - 1GB
  • TAFE General - 1GB
  • TAFE Multimedia, Web Design and Fine arts - 5GB (As nominated by Head Teacher)
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